PIA’s Repainting Logo Adventure Will Cost Them Rs. 11 Crore Each Plane


Web Desk: Pakistan International Airlines will re-paint its entire fleet at a cost of $1.5 million per plane. According to the financial experts, the estimated cost to paint the new logo featuring ‘Markhor’ will cost around $1 to 1.5 million per plane.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) recently announced to change the logo of its brand. The think tank of PIA decided to revamp the brand identity of PIA, by giving a touch of nationalism and patriotism. Markhor being the national animal of Pakistan is chosen. It represents PIA as fearless and courageous airline who is ready to face challenges alone.

This decision of repainting the logo is although overwhelming but do comes at a hefty price. According to financial expert Mr. Athar Ansari, this adventure of PIA will cost the airline millions of dollars. Around 115 to 170 PKR million per plane is definitely too much so an airline who is already suffering from crisis.

PIA Logo Updated After Decades

PIA updated its logo last time back in 2010. After the gap of 25 years, the think tank of PIA decided to repaint the logo of the company. The main aim behind changing the logo is to give a message to the rival airlines that PIA is very much there in the business. It will fight against all the odds to gain its position on top again. Using Markhor is a step to display the national identity to the world.

The CEO of PIA says:

“Official logo of PIA has been changed with the image of national animal Markhor and administration of the national carrier constantly trying to achieve the target to make PIA a top of the list airline of the world.”

PIA is expected to unveil the re-painted planes in the inauguration ceremony of most anticipated new Islamabad International airport. Mixed reviews have been received by the national airline on this step on replacing national flag with national animal in the logo.


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