PM Election Today: National Assembly will vote for Imran or Shehbaz today


Islamabad: Members of National Assembly (MNAs) will cast vote for the next prime minister in PM election today.

National Assembly newly elected members will elect Imran Khan or Shehbaz Sharif in the PM election today. PTI Chairman and PML-N President are two contestants for the Prime Minister.

PTI came as the leading party in Pakistan Election 2018 and has 151 seats in National Assembly. However, it has a support of total 175 members and in a strong position to win PM election today.

On the other side, PML-N came as a runner up in General Election 2018 and has 81 National Assembly seats. Earlier, it had the support of PPP but now Zardari’s party withdrew from it as they are not in favor of Shehbaz Sharif for Prime Minister. Now, PML-N has a support of total 97 National Assembly members.

Yesterday, PTI also succeeded to elect his supporting candidate Pervaiz Elahi from PML-Q for Speaker and Dost Muhammad Mazari for Deputy Speaker.

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