PM Imran Khan Removes Five Percent Duty Imposed On News Print


PM Imran Khan Takes Back the Five Percent Duty Imposed On Newspaper Print

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan reassured the citizens of the country that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government is working to resolve the problems faced by the nation. PM Imran Khan also mentioned that they will soon be able to resolve them through policies.

While talking to the representatives of Council of Newspapers Editors and Pakistan Broadcasters Association, the PM said that the PTI-led government wants to provide as much relief to the residents of Pakistan as it can. And the government is mainly focusing on the neglected sectors of health and education within the country.

In regards to the economic status of the country, Imran Khan said that Pakistan is in contact with other friendly countries to overcome the economic crisis.

Khan added that the government fully believes in freedom of expression and also welcomes anyone who wants to add some constructive criticism to the officials. He also asked the media should also demonstrate the news responsibly.

The PM also announced that he has withdrawn five percent of duty imposed on news print and said that the government will reach out with support to the media industry and solve its problems.

“Media has a key role in promotion of democracy, ensuring good governance, transparency and meritocracy. The government will extend full support to the media,” he said.

The PM had said that he would not be able to become a PM if the media would not have been there, so he “fully supports the media”.


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