PM Imran Khan asked $1000 donation for dam fund from Pakistanis


PTI chief and Prime Minister Imran Khan appealed Pakistanis including overseas people to make effort for donation for dam fund.

Imran Khan asked Pakistanis to submit donation for dam fund. He appealed that people should donate for the development of dams in Pakistan. He further added that Pakistan could face the severe drought by 2025 if we will fail to construct dams.

In a message to the country communicate on Friday evening after his meeting with the Chief Justice Pakistan Saqib Nisar, Imran Khan said that dams are imperative for the nation and its who and what is to come. He asked the abroad Pakistanis, particularly those living in European nations and the United States, to contribute minimum one thousand dollars in the dam fund.

Pakistanis working in the Middle East and other places can likewise contribute as indicated by their ability. Imran Khan said that eight to nine million Pakistanis are living abroad. Their commitment won’t just help construct the dams yet in addition enhance the outside trade saves that are at a low level.

Imran Khan said that if the government gets adequate donation for dam fund, then these dams could be built in a time of five years. He said the PM’s fund for dams would now be a part of the CJP’s fund and both will be combined. He said Rs1.8 billion has so far been gathered in the the CJP’s fund for dams.

Imran Khan also praised CJP Saqib Nisar for stepping up with regards to development of dams which was essentially the obligation of government officials.


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