PM Imran Khan Declared Most Active World Leader on Instagram


PM Imran Khan has been ranked as one of the most active world leaders on Instagram, according to a report released by Twiplomacy.

According to Twiplomacy, PM Imran is in the second most active world leader with more than 10 posts per day and 991 K followers.

On this list, the top position is grabbed by the Information Department of the Government of Brunei with more than 17 posts per day on average. Foreign Ministry of Kuwait is the third most active profile with more than eight posts per day.

The government of Pakistan and Ricardo Rossello, the governor of Puerto Rico, complete the top five list with eight and six posts per day respectively, the report states.

When it comes to the most followed leader on Instagram, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi leads the list of the most followed world leader on Instagram with 14.8 million followers. He is closely followed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo with 12.2 million followers and US President Donald Trump in the third position.

Note: This news is created using data which was collected on October 1, 2018 covering the publications of each account over the past 12 months using


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