PM Imran Khan discussed IoK and regional security with US dignitaries


Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, conducted a crucial meeting with US dignitaries on Sunday (yesterday). 

PM Imran Khan visited the United States to meet US dignitaries to discuss regional security and other issues confronting by Kashmiris in India. As well as appreciated the role of Amnesty International in human rights situation in the occupied region.

In a meeting, PM Imran Khan expressed his deep concern over the devastating situation of occupied Kashmir and also worried about regional security. According to him the Indian deadlock over Jammu and Kashmir will threaten the security of Kashmir that will utterly create human rights violation in the state.

Further, PM wants to maintain peace and reconciliation in Kashmir in this regard he made ceaseless struggle by maintaining a healthy relationship with the US. Due to healthy relationship International Amnesty work and help Kashmiri people from the Indian lockdown.


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