PM Imran Khan Launches ‘Jihad’ against Water Crisis


PM Imran Khan addressed the most prominent water crisis in the country in his recent speech, launching a ‘Jihad’ to collect funds for dams construction in the country.

PM Imran Khan said in an address broadcast on the national television networks, “The future of our next generations will be in jeopardy, if we do not take any urgent steps to build water reservoirs.”

PM Imran Khan said in the briefings he had received in the past one fortnight, he was astonished to find out the quantum of challenges the country faced.

Prime Minister expressed that the total loans the country owed were Rs 6000 billion which was ten years back. However, today they had increased to Rs 30,000 billions. The water crisis in Pakistan is at an alarming level.

“Construction of a dam for Pakistan today is inevitable,” PM Imran Khan said. He also expressed that Pakistan had an average water storage capacity of only 30 days, as compared to 190 days of India and 1000 days for Egypt. He said on an average, a country should have 120 day storage capacity.

He said in 1947, the water storage for each Pakistani was around 5600 cubic meters, while today, it had dwindled to 1000 cubic meters.

PM Imran Khan said the experts had already warned about the impact of climate change on Pakistan and said the country was expected to be hit by a drought by the year 2025. He warned that Pakistan would not have any water for its crops and for feeding its people if we do not construct dams in the country on urgent basis.

While praising and applauding the CJP he said, “I laud the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar for his initiative for launching funds for the construction of dams.” He admitted that though it was not the job of the Chief Justice to take this step, but it was the responsibility of the political leadership of the country. He however regretted that they failed to do their duty.

PM Imran Khan has announced to collaborate with CJ in his dam building in Pakistan initiative.


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