PM Imran Khan salary is less than other ministers of Pakistan


Prime Minister or PM Imran Khan salary is much less than other ministers of Pakistan.

PM Imran Khan salary is Rs 201,574 that is less than other ministers. His basic salary is Rs 107,280 along with adhoc relief allowance of Rs 21,456, Rs 50,000 sumptuary allowance, and the additional adhoc allowances of Rs 12,110 and Rs 10,728. After the deduction of taxes (Rs 4,959), the salary reduced to Rs 196,979.

However, other ministers earn up to Rs 250,000 and CM Punjab Usman Buzdar salary is Rs 350,000. Today, PM Imran Khan also expressed disappointment over the decision by Punjab Assembly to raise the perks and salaries of provincial chief minister, MPAs, and other ministers.

Yesterday, the Punjab Assembly raised the salaries, perks and privileges of its members to more than double after making legislation in record haste, within 24 hours of tabling the bill concerned. The unanimously-passed legislation was tabled as a private bill by treasury’s Ghazanfar Abbas Cheena.


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