PM Imran Khan to Lead Federal Cabinet Meeting Today


PM Imran Khan to Lead Federal Cabinet Meeting Today to Discuss Law And Order

On Thursday (today), Prime Minister Imran Khan will lead the Federal Cabinet meeting to talk about the 21-point agenda related to maintaining law and order within Pakistan.

The cabinet will be giving an approval of chairman of the trading corporation and charter license of Liberty Air Ltd for domestic flights.

The cabinet is also set to approve a deal relevant to the exchange of prisoners jailed between Pakistan, Britain and Northern Ireland. They will also give a yes to a two-way agreement between the Foreign Ministry and Nigeria.

The State Bank of Pakistan and National Bank of Pakistan are also expected to have an agreement approved during the meeting.

The chief executive of Public Private Partnership Authority is also scheduled to be appointed by the cabinet members today.

The meeting is also slated to agree to the publishing of tax details of the members within the parliament from the year 2017.

According to the released reports, PM Imran Khan will also talk about his China visit and the agreements done during the meeting.

Earlier this week, Imran Khan made his day back to Pakistan after a five-day visit to China’s capital, Beijing. The visit concluded with both countries signing 15 cooperation agreements and memorandum of understanding related to various fields.


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