PM Khan Foreign Visits Cost 5 Times Less Than Nawaz Sharif’s One Trip


PM Khan foreign visits cost five times less than former Premier Nawaz Sharif’s one trip.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s six foreign trips undertaken from September 18 to Nov 20 cost the national exchequer PKR 40.381 million in comparison of a single visit of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in 2016 to the UK for treatment.

Nawaz Sharif’s UK trip cost the national exchequer Rs 34.5 million.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs shared the documents of travel with the National Assembly. It showed former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif flown in an special plane went to the UK on May 22, 2016 for treatment.

As the PM Nawaz Sharif stayed back there for the surgical procedure, the special plane returned. The special plane again went to the UK on July 9, 2016 to bring Nawaz Sharif back.

The Foreign Ministry’s documents showed the VVIP flight cost the exchequer PKR 34.5 million.

On the other hand, the details of expenditures incurred on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s six foreign trips show these cost the national treasure was just PKR 40.381 millions.

The breakup of the details shows the Prime Minister’s one-day trip to Saudi Arabia cost PKR 3.09 million while the visit to Abu Dhabi cost PKR 0.4 million.

An amount of PKR 0.87 millions were spent on the two-day visit to Saudi Arabia from the exchequer. Out of the six visits, PM’s 5-day trip to China proved to be the most expensive one. It cost PKR 24.4 million to the national treasure.

The second trip to Abu Dhabi in November this year cost PKR 3.9 million while Imran Khan’s visit to Malaysia cost PKR 7.5 million.


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