PM Khaqan Abbasi Calls in Federal Cabinet for Meeting


ISLAMABAD: PM Khaqan Abbasi is presiding over a meeting of the federal cabinet in Islamabad today.

The cabinet meeting under PM Khaqan Abbasi would approve written agreements of understanding with other countries.

According to news sources, an 11-point agenda is being discussed in the meeting based on country’s security and economy.

Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal is also part of the meeting. He recently survived an assassination attempt on him in his own constituency. He received warm reception from everyone attending the meeting.

Ahsan Iqbal was discharged from Services Hospital, Lahore, on Monday afternoon. He was flown in there in emergency after he was shot at. He was given first aid at a local hospital then taken to Lahore.

Two surgeries were performed on the Interior Minister. One was aimed at removing the bullet from his lower torso, which the doctor had said was better to leave alone then operated on. While the other was to mend his broken elbow bone that was pierced by the bullet. He had sustained a fracture after the bullet scraped his elbow and then hit his lower abdomen.

He was injured during an assassination attempt at a corner meeting in Narowal on May 6.


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