PM Khaqan Abbasi Says Elections Will be Held By Aliens

ISLAMABAD: Following the trend by Nawaz Sharif, PM Khaqan Abbasi also says aliens to conduct general elections. He said this while talking to media after a dinner arranged by National Assembly Speaker, Ayaz Sadiq.

After the dinner, while talking to the media, the Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, said that ‘aliens’ will conduct elections. PM Khaqan Abbasi said that aliens or outside forces will conduct the general elections of 2018 not the caretaker government. The use of this word was first seen by Nawaz Sharif himself two days ago after PTI’s rally in Lahore.

He said that the Muslim League Nawaz will contest elections against outside forces but will still come out victorious. Abbasi said that the government will accept any name given to them by opposition for caretaker PM. He added that the opposition would also do the same. Continuing he added that the issue of caretaker PM is not as big as its being made so. He wants the opposition and government to come into consensus over name soon so the responsibility does not fall on ECP instead.

Balach Rasool
Balach Rasool
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