PM Seeks Special Commission to Verify NAB Allegations Against Nawaz


ISLAMABAD: PM Khaqan Abbasi has asked to form a special committee to investigate NAB allegations on Nawaz Sharif, that he sent $4.9 billion to India.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, during a session of the National Assembly, while addressing the speaker, to form a special committee. The committee will be to look into the allegations by NAB that the former Prime Minister has laundered $4.9 billion into India.

The NAB had ordered investigation against Nawaz Sharif and others for sending the hefty amount to India. According to a statement by NAB Chairman, the allegations were leveled after a news on media citing World Bank report was published.

However; World Bank clarified that its Remittances and Migration Report does not mention any claims of money laundering or name of any individuals.

While speaking in the National Assembly today, PM Khaqan Abbasi said that a serious allegation has been leveled against three time former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He said that the allegations leveled are not against any small person and these claims will only sully the name of the country. Abbasi said that this can be considered as pre-poll rigging if nothing else, seeing the environment of the country.

The NAB head should be summoned before Parliament and reveal evidence for where he got this information from, adding that a special committee should probe into the matter according to the rule 244(b).

Premiere Khaqan Abbasi Also said that he does not expect any justice from the accountability courts seeing what has been happening in the case of Nawaz Sharif and family. He said that institutions which throw around such huge allegations should be investigated, that what is happening inside them.


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