PML-N Lawmaker Says Govt Won’t Drop Petrol Bomb as It Completes Tenure


PML-N Lawmaker, MPA Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri said that the government won’t drop a petrol bomb as it completes its tenure.

While talking on a talk show, when Nabil Gabol said that the government plans to drop a petrol bomb on people, PML-N lawmaker said that it will not drop a petrol bomb on the people as it finishes it tenure.

Zaeem Qadri was referring to the summary by OGRA to increase price of petroleum products and said it wasn’t approved. Qadri said that government will not approve the summary and will leave it under caretaker government’s decision.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority had submitted a summary to increase petroleum product prices. OGRA submitted the summary to the power division suggesting implementation of increased prices by June 1.

OGRA’s summary recommends increase of Rs8.37 per litre in petrol and Rs12.5 per litre in diesel prices. The summary also recommended an increase of Rs8.30 in kerosene oil and Rs11.65 in diesel oil.

The budget for the fiscal year 2018-2019 recommends an increase of 200% in petroleum levy. This had caused a fear among people to cause a rise in inflation.

The government has already increased the prices of petrol based products earlier on in May. According to the notification by Ministry of Finance, the new prices of petrol based products are as follows:

  • Petrol up Rs 1.70 to Rs 87.70 per liter
  • Diesel up Rs 2.31 to Rs 98.76 a liter
  • Kerosene oil up Rs 3.41 to Rs 79.87 per liter
  • Light diesel up Rs 3.55 to Rs 68.85 per liter

The people are already complaining about the increased prices of petroleum products demanding a decrease in its price instead.


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