PML(N)’s Sania Aashiq Sworn In As Youngest MP Punjab Assembly


Youngest MP Punjab Assembly Pakistan Muslim League-N’s Sania Aashiq sworn in on Monday.

Following the July 25th general elections, PML-N’s 25 years old Sania Aashiq is elected as a member of Punjab Assembly.

Sania Aashiq took oath along with other newly-elected MPAs as lawmaker in in the inaugural session of Punjab Assembly in Lahore. She represents as youngest MP Punjab Assembly.

Newly-elected MPAs took oath of their office in the inaugural session of Punjab Assembly in Lahore on Wednesday.

Outgoing speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mohammad Iqbal administered oath to the MPAs.

The PML-N leads with 127 seats in the Punjab Assembly. Pakistan Tehreek Insaf is at second place with 122 seats, as per the ECP’s  election results of 294 out of 295 total seats.

In her remarks, 25-year-old MP Sania Ashiq said that she is committed to serve humanity.

She further said, “While being in the assembly, I will make sure the projects that were set up by PML(N) government for women empowerment, namely VAWC Multan, Zewar-e-Taleem, etc, they must continue to serve girls, and women.”

She further said that she will try to expand and promote these women empowerment projects for the greater public interest, specially for women of our province.

“From PEEF scholars to other initiatives designed specially for women I shall continue to raise my voice and play a vital role in it.”

Let’s see what freshness this youngest MP Punjab Assembly brings to our country’s politics.


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