PM’s close aide Zulfi Bukhari’s appointment challenged in Supreme Court


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s close friend Zulfi Bukhari came in trouble as his appointment is challenged.

The appointment of Zulfi Bukhari is challenged in the Supreme Court. However, he was appointed as the special assistant of Imran Khan for overseas Pakistanis and human resource development.

Adil Chatta submitted the petition against the appointment of Zulfi Bukhari because of his dual nationality. However, the petition was filed under the Constitution which states that if dual nationals can’t be members of provincial or National assemblies then they shouldn’t be appointed as Prime Minister’s special assistants either as they have similar responsibilities.

The petitioner said that Zulfi Bukhari shouldn’t work as Prime Minister’s special assistant and his appointment should be declared null and void with immediate effect. Cabinet Division and PM Imran Khan are respondents in the petition.

However, Zulfi Bukhari is the London based businessman and the close friend of PM Imran Khan. In addition, he has the status of the state minister.


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