Police misbehaved with Khawar Maneka, daughter: son Ibrahim


Khawar Maneka’s son, Ibrahim Maneka, said that police misbehaved with his father and sister.

Ibrahim provided details to the police inquiry committee that Khawar Maneka reacted as police misbehaved with him. Ibrahim Maneka wrote an email to inquiry committee. However, he referred to the allegations made against Khawar Maneka.

According to the allegation, Pakpattan DPO Rizwan Gondal transferred as he stopped Khawar for over speeding.

It was reported that On August 23, police tried to intercept Khawar. However, they chased him down when he did not stop. It was said by sources that Khawar misbehaved with police when they stopped him.

Punjab government instructed Rizwan Gondal to seek an apology from Khawar Maneka that he denied. According to police sources, Rizwan Gondal informed CM Punjab Usman Buzdar about his decision to not apologize.

On the other side, Khawar said that he wasn’t intercepted by the police, nor was Rizwan Gondal transferred because of him. He said that the issue was badly propagated.


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