Polio Vaccine: Hospitalization of children was fake, video revealed


The claim regarding polio vaccine was found baseless as the recent video revealed the truth.

Polio vaccine is safe but yesterday the Mashokhel Hospital was set on fire over the claims regarding children’s illness. However, a recently released video elaborated the propaganda against the polio vaccine.

In a video, a man can be seen instructing young boys, to lie on hospital beds and pretend to be unconscious, and they can be seen following his orders.

In second video, the same person is spreading lies regarding the fake and baseless news of deaths of children due to the polio vaccine.

In the midst of the anti-polio drive in KPK, around 40 children from a school in Mashokhel village were brought to a hospital with complaints of diarrhea, nausea and headache. As the news of the children’s supposed illness spread like wildfire in Peshawar and nearby areas, panicked parents started rushing their children to hospitals.

Despite assurances from the authorities that the anti-polio vaccine was completely safe, enraged residents broke down the main gate and set fire at the Mashokhel Hospital in Peshawar.


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