PP-118 Toba Tek Singh by-election 2018 candidates list, result expectation


The by election in PP-118 Toba Tek Singh I will be held on coming Sunday, October 14.

PP-118 Toba Tek Singh by-election 2018 will see a tough competition among different political parties and independent candidates.

In Pakistan Election 2018, Chaudhary Khalid Javed from Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) came as a successful candidate from PP-118 Toba Tek Singh. He secured the seat as he got 43,322 votes from this 42,774 votes.

In PP-118 Toba Tek Singh by-election 2018 all political parties nominated strong candidates. Asad Zaman from PTI is again contesting in the up-coming poll.

Mansoor Ahmed from PML-N will also contest the PP-118 Toba Tek Singh by-election 2018.

However, Asif Nazir from Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Asad Ullah, Amjad Ali, Abbas Ali and other independent candidates will also try their fortune.


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