PP-17 Results 2018: Fayaz Ul Hasan Chohan of PTI is close to winning


PTI’s candidate Fayaz Ul Hasan Chohan from PS-17 Rawalpindi 12 is leading with 40919 votes in PA, according to unofficial sources.

Abdul Hanif of PML-N is currently catching up 30349 votes. The PP-17 Results 2018 are claimed to be unofficial and unconfirmed.

The PP-17 Results 2018 is still unconfirmed as the polling stations are still counting the votes. The results will be declared after counting the ballot papers at 100% Polling stations.

In Elections 2013 Results, Muhammad Shawez Khan of PML-N won with 40897 votes. On the contrary, Malik Jamshaid Iltaf of IND was declared as the runner-up candidate of this PP-17 constituency with 39622 votes.


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