Preparations of PTI Rally Near Aladin Park in Karachi Complete


KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to display show of power at rally today in Karachi. The PTI rally is to be held at “Itwar Bazaar” ground near Aladin Park.

Imran Khan is expected to address the PTI rally which is to be held on 12th May, Saturday, today. Senior party leader, Ali Zaidi, has said that the preparations for the rally have been finished. PTI leaders will start addressing the masses at 7 pm in evening.

PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, had sent a video message for all the party workers and supporters yesterday. In his video message he had said that PTI will show the urban and rural cities of Sindh, how we can develop them. He added that we will show how to make Karachi, which is the business hub of Pakistan, the city of lights again.

In his video message, Imran Khan, also asked the party supporters to participate as much as possible. He told that PTI rally will be held at the Sunday Market Ground near Aladin Park at 12th May.

Previously the party had announced the rally will be held at Hakeem Saeed Ground. However; Pakistan Peoples Party had also announced the ground to be venue for its rally. This had caused quite a bit of friction between the two parties, leading to fights between the workers of the parties at the ground. Quite a few leader had been wounded and police had to intervene to maintain law and order.

The PPP and PTI workers even made new media crew target of violence during this. The workers pelted stones and raised slogans against each other. The ground gave the sight of a war zone at May 8th. Police intervened and calmed things down and took action against workers. This had caused both parties to change the venue for their rallies.


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