President Arif Alvi accepted Azam Swati resignation as federal minister


President Dr Arif Alvi accepted the Azam Swati resignation as the federal minister on Thursday (today).

Azam Swati resignation accepted by President Dr Arif Alvi on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, the resignation will be effective from December 6, the on which he resigned.

Supreme Court of Pakistan recently referred the Azam Swati case to police and FBR or Federal Board of Revenue. However, the aim to further investigate about the misuse of authority for the Inspector General Islamabad transfer.

The decision was made in view of the recommendations on the Joint Investigation Report or JIT findings in IG Islamabad transfer case. However, after the submission of reports by these departments, court will examine the Swati’s qualification by implementing jurisdiction of quo warranto.

In December, Azam Swati submitted his resignation to PM Imran Khan after his involvement in the suo motu case in the Supreme Court. However, the court is related to the transfer of Jan Muhammad who was IG Islamabad at that time.


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