President Arif Alvi Address Parliament on Need to Overcome Corruption


President Arif Alvi address Parliament on Overcoming Corruption

The president hopes that the upcoming days will prove to be much better for the citizens of Pakistan and the country itself. “I am grateful to have the biggest constitutional designation. I will perform to the best of my abilities. I pray to Allah for strength and hope fellow parliamentarians will support me.”

President Arif Alvi address parliament on these following points:

1. Corruption

The president expresses the importance of issuing the country’s corruption caused by dishonesty and corruption. “The election showed that people are fed up and need these issues gone. Institutions need to work honestly.”

President Arif Alvi address parliament that in ‘Naya Pakistan’ there was a need to end unnecessary protocol. He also added that special attention needs to be paid to the country’s debt to GDP ratio. “We need to adopt simplicity to succeed.”

According to the president Alvi, Pakistan can overcome challenges by being united, brave and determined. “Even overseas Pakistanis are full of determination to put the country on the right track.”

2. Challenges in Pakistan

President Arif Alvi address parliament on the fatality of the water crisis in the country, stressing on the need to construct dams. “Balochistan and Sindh are facing drought and global climate change is impacting Pakistan severely,” President Alvi said, adding that focus on tree plantation and population adversely impacting the environment needs to be addressed too.

While speaking on the energy crisis, the president said this could be helped by overcoming electricity theft and line losses along with increasing the means of power generation.

The president spoke on the need to improve the standard of education and empowering women. He stressed the fact that women should be educated so that this country can change for the better, “Nations cannot succeed without women empowerment. Our women are powerful and hardworking.”

President Arif Alvi address Parliament

3. Economy

The president said it should be a top priority for the government to resolve the economic crisis consistently faced by the country. He spoke of industries being shut down and unemployment is at its peak. The president added that inflation had increased in the country owing to an increase in the cost of the dollar, while circular debt was more than Rs1,100 billion.

“I want the government to reduce financial losses and made investment opportunities more feasible.”

4. Foreign Relations

While speaking on the foreign relations, the president said a new phase had begun. “The new government supports CPEC due to its economic gains and for better Pak-China ties. Serious pacts will also be considered with Central Asia for the economy. Pakistan places special importance on ties with Russia and Turkey for regional stability.”

The president stressed that Pakistan has always wanted peaceful relations with India. “We want a peaceful solution to Kashmir issues and will continue efforts for this. Kashmiri’s have a right to self-determination and I urge the international community to help.”

President Arif Alvi address Parliament

Earlier, the recent session was to be scheduled on September 13 but was postponed until September 17 due to the death of former first lady Kulsoom Nawaz.

According to constitutional provisions, the president has to address a joint session of the Parliament at the start of the initial session of the National Assembly after general election as well as the first sitting of the assembly in every parliamentary year.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, members of the federal cabinet and Parliament, chief ministers, governors, ambassadors, diplomats, members of civil society and important personalities from different walks of life are likely to attend the joint session that will be held.

Rangers officials along with top police security will be deployed to ensure foolproof security on the occasion.


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