President Arif Alvi approves Finance Bill 2019-20 today


President Arif Alvi now signed the Finance Bill 2019-20 that was sent to him earlier.

President Arif Alvi approved the Finance Bill 2019-20 or Federal Budget 2019-20 on Monday (today). However, the bill was sent to him after the approval from the National Assembly. Now, with President Arif Alvi’s signature, the Federal Budget 2019-20 has come to force.

According to sources, President Arif Alvi had signed the Finance Bill 2019-20 the previous day after it was forwarded to him following passage from the National Assembly. The National Assembly passed the bill with a simple majority of 176 lawmakers favoring against 146 members of the opposition opposing it.

The federal government had present a Rs7.022 trillion budget focusing on fiscal consolidation, revenue mobilization, austerity measures and protection to the vulnerable segments of society.


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