Prolonged Load Shedding Starts Again in Karachi After Temperature Rise


KARACHI: The city faced another spell of load shedding on Friday, with areas having to bear 14 hours long power cuts in this rising heat.

The reason for the prolonged load shedding on friday is said to be a technical fault at K-Electric’s Bin Qasim power plant. However; the fault has not been fixed in eight days since the power plant started malfunctioning.

The city of Karachi is facing with a 600MW-700MW shortfall due to Bin Qasim power plant tripping down. This has led to unannounced load-shedding in areas previously exempted from power outages.

K-Electric had earlier on promised  a solution to the situation in three days time.

With temperatures rising in Karachi and Ramadan being observed soon, citizens feel at unease with the current electricity situation.

KE has issued a statement that they are doing their best to fix the affected turbine at the Bin Qasim power plant. The company has ordered materials from abroad. It has also said that it will require a further three to four days to completely fix the issue.

KE spokesperson said that the industrial areas and the water board’s pumping stations were exempt from load-shedding. There has been no unannounced power cuts in the city, the spokesperson said.

Reports of heavy load-shedding in various parts of the city have been received. The areas include Liaquatabad, Malir, Orangi Town, Lines Area, Landhi, Shah Faisal Colony, and adjoining areas.


  1. lol what kind of company dont know about forecast or dont have spare parts , drum roooool, its k electric. despite functional since decades, every summer that have same TECHNICAL issues, used as way to unleash misery on citizens. they should be forced to give fine to citizens for every hour of load shedding.


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