PTA Blocked Social Media Pages Humiliating Imran Khan as a Hindu God


ISLAMABAD: PTA blocked all social media pages that are representing Imran Khan as the Hindu God.

The parliamentary committee was educated amid the yesterday’s meeting. Few pages on social media are delineating PTI Chairman Imran Khan as Hindu god, Lord Shiva. However, they have been obstructed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The disclosure surfaced amid a gathering of a sub-board of trustees of the Standing Committee on Government Assurances. It led by MNA Dr. Fouzia Hameed. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officers said the PTA recognized and blocked 17 sites containing the picture. The issue was alluded to sub-board by the fundamental advisory group on the grumbling of MNAs Ramesh Lal and Lal Chand Malhi. Both went to the sub-committee meeting and communicated fulfillment over the advance put forth in the defense.

In April, a photo portraying Imran Khan as a Hindu God had set off an open deliberation in the Parliament. The issue was brought by Hindu members of the National Assembly, following which the Interior Ministry was coordinated to check the photographs on internet and to catch the culprits. Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, National Assembly Speaker, took up the issue with the Interior Ministry. However, it is after a challenge by Hindu lawmakers over campaigns being held utilizing the controversial photo.

The photo of a Hindu god, with Imran Khan’s face superimposed on it, was submitted before the Assembly by administrator Ramesh Lal. Calling for lawful activity, the officials requested to Ayaz Sadiq to further probe the issue. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, PTI Vice Chairman, revealed that that the shameful action is conducted by the social media wing of the political party.


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