PTI Finalizes Hafeez Akhtar Randhawa as Candidate for Caretaker CM Punjab


LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf ( PTI ) has finalized name of Hafeez Akhtar Randhawa as candidate for caretaker CM Punjab.

After consultation with PML-Q, PTI has announced that it has finalized name of Hafeez Akhtar as candidate for caretaker CM. According to sources, PTI’s Mehmood ur Rasheed had talks with PML-Q’s Pervez Elahi for the decision.

Earlier on, PTI had rescinded support for Nasir Khosa, who was to be caretaker CM for Punjab. The decision to make Nasir Mahmood Khosa the caretaker CM came after meetings between opposition and provincial government. However; in sudden change of heart PTI withdrew its support over the candidacy of Nasir Khosa.

This had made PTI a target of a lot of criticism by other parties. PPP’s Khursheed Shah had called this sudden change of heart another U-turn. He said that this was in the nature of the party and Imran Khan, to make U-turns.

Nasir Mahmood Khosa has also refused to take charge as the interim CM Punjab amid controversy. He said that he would not take the charge if all political parties were not backing up the decision.


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