PTI General Secretary: Arshad Daad replaced Jahangir Tareen


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf leader Arshad Daad replaced Jahangir Tareen as the PTI General Secretary.

Arshad Daad is the new PTI General Secretary as he replaced Jahangir Tareen. Arshad belongs to Gujrat and one of the founding members of PTI. In addition, earlier he served PTI as its additional secretary general.

The position became vacant after the Supreme Court disqualified Jahangir Tareen from holding public office. He later stepped down from the party’s general secretary after the Supreme Court’s decision.

On December 15, the Apex Court disqualified Jahangir Tareen under the Article 62(1)(f). They gave the ruling due to the Jahangir’s misstatement regarding the ownership of the Hyde House property and his failure to declare it in nomination forms.

During the last month, the Supreme Court dismissed the review petition against the disqualification of Jahangir Tareen.


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