PTI Minister Aleem Khan Arrested, Taken into NAB Custody

The provincial minister for local government and community development, Aleem Khan, arrested by theNational Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Wednesday.

The minister was summoned in assets beyond means case by the anti-graft body today and was taken into custody.

Abdul Aleem Khan also well known powerful ministers from Punjab. He has bright chances for becoming Cheif Minister Punjab. But due to NAB inquiries, he denied taking the post.
He said he will face authorities in this case and will come back to duties after he got clean chit from the authorities on these cases.
Before the opposition was doing the propaganda that only their peoples were locking up by NAB but now the very senior minister and having very powerful sources Abdul Aleem Khan has been arrested by NAB.
NAB had also started aninvestigation into the assets owned by Aleems relatives and friends. It had asked for details and records of the PTI leader and his relatives since 1985.

The accountability watchdog had also opened a probe against Aleem in Hexham Investment Overseas Limited, an off-shore company. He was also facing investigations into the Park View Housing Society.

Aleem reportedly has four flats in London and threein UAE.


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