Punjab Police: Lahore E-Challan System Has Gone Online


Punjab Police: Lahore E-Challan System Has Gone Online

The most-anticipated technological development, E-Challan System is finally operating in Lahore, since the start of Monday – the 24th of September 2018, after going through a successful test run.

The latest traffic-electronic system records any traffic-related violation and produces a challan immediately, with all the necessary details. These include the pictures of the offense, place, time and the number plate of the vehicle, taken through CCTV cameras which are installed throughout the city. Later, the challan sent to the offender’s address through a courier service. For maximum convenience of the drivers, these challans will include a suitable deadline for the payment of the respected fines.

The electronic system has been developed by the joint efforts of the Punjab Police and Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA).

The system database is also set to store all the previous records related to the offender, to make it easier for the traffic police to identify a habitual offender. If an individual is found violating the traffic rules on a regular basis, the Punjab Police will be authorized to lock down their car or motorcycle until the payment of due challans. The challan would be sent to the address of the vehicle’s owner and if a person fails to pay their due challan, this will result in confiscation of the vehicle under the Provincial Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965.

Lahore E-Challan System

E-Challan Helpline to Remain Open 24/7

The police helpline (Dial 15 for helpline) is open 24/7 for any questions related to Lahore e-challan system.

However, there are some lingering concerns. For example, one major issue is whether or not this electronic system can ensure the delivery of e-challan to the right person. This may cause delays,  for the delivery process and in verifying vehicle ownership.


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