Qureshi, Khalilzad Concurred on Pak-Afghan Peace, Stability Goals


Qureshi, Khalilzad Nod Heads on Maintaining Pak-Afghan Peace and Stability

Foreign minister of Pakistan told the United States’ new adviser that the country believes peace in Afghanistan is positively and directly associated to the long lasting stability in Islamabad. He said this during a meeting on Thursday night.

The former US diplomat was reappointed to the US State Department as an at the start of this month and was accompanied by Alice Wells – an ambassador – who is the senior bureau official for South and Central Asian Affairs at the Secretary Mike Pompeo-led office.

Mehmood Qureshi restated Pakistan’s pledge for the support of peace in Afghanistan. Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Khalilzad also agreed and said that the country, too, wants to work with Islamabad for the collaborative goal of stability and peace.

Earlier in September, while on a flight to Pakistan, Pompeo informed reporters who were present at that time, that “Ambassador Khalilzad is going to join the State Department team to assist us in the reconciliation effort … and be the State Department’s lead person for that purpose,” he also added that he looks forward to the talk.

The Pakistani foreign minister also met with the foreign minister of Bahrain, Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, and discussed matters during their meeting. The two leaders agreed on the betterment of both of the country’s bilateral trade and investment.

Foreign minister of Bahrain, Al Khalifa, also assured FM Qureshi that the Pakistani citizens or businessmen who live in Bahrain will be given every possible assistance that they request for or need.


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