Pouring Rain Clears the Dangerous Built-Up of Smog in Lahore


Pouring Rain Clears the Dangerous Built-Up of Smog in Lahore

On Monday, light rain in majors areas of Punjab managed to clear the build up of smog in Lahore and lower temperature. The rain poured in Lahore, Multan, Sheikhupura, Sadiqabad and other surrounding areas.

Citizens of the Punjab, Chicha Watni, Chakwal, Lodhran and other surrounding areas had been facing issues with the thick build up of smog in the environment.

The rise of carbon emissions, combined with a hike in cross-border crop burning, has created a thick layer of smog which has managed to wrap Punjab in smog and has caused reducing visibility as well as flight delays.

What is smog and how is it dangerous for health?

Smog, which is also known as ground-level ozone, is described as a thick yellowish layer of black fog which blocks the air particles. It is produced by air pollution made with fumes, fog and emissions.

According to experts, fumes released from vehicles and factories result in smog. Moreover, with the lack of trees, the environment is up against the worst case of smog.

Residents may experience short-term skin and respiratory medical conditions including skin and eye irritation, consistent coughing, throat/chest irritation as a result of breathing in the air which is combined with smog.

Health experts recommend using artificial tears to clear the eyes as a solution for dealing with smog. They have also advised the public to use face masks when going out.


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