Rain in Karachi with thunder and dust storm is expected today


According to Pakistan Meteorological Department or PMD, rain in Karachi can hit the city tonight.

PMD director Sardar Sarfaraz said that rain in Karachi is expected tonight and tomorrow. He revealed that a short but intense dust storm hit the city yesterday’s night. He further added that last night’s dust storm was stronger than expected. Winds blew at a speed of 65km/h and reduced the visibility to 500 metres.”

According to PMD, a western wind system is present is the city and winds are expected to blow at high speeds today as well. However, the western wind system will leave from the city by tomorrow evening.”

Sardar Sarfaraz revealed that light rain is expected in the city during the day while rain with thunder is expected tonight and tomorrow. “Moderate rain with thunder is expected tonight and tomorrow morning in Karachi,”.


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