Rain in Punjab: 35,000 Acres of Wheat and Crop Destroyed


Punjab Agriculture Minister Malik Nauman Ahmad Langrial said that heavy spell of Rain in Punjab destroys 35,000 acres of wheat and corn crops.

The calculation of the damages by Rain in Punjab will be conducted of the crops which were ready to be harvested. It is huge for farmers, Langrial said.

Samiullah Chaudhry, Punjab food minister visited Lahore, Kasur and Bahawalpur to have a look into the damages caused by rain in Punjab.

31 villages and over 9000 acres of the wheat crop were destroyed as streams and canals were flooded following heavy rains on Koh-e-Suleman mountain areas of Rajanpur.

The deputy commissioner of Rajanpur said that crops were destroyed and a man was swept away by the flood due to heavy Rain in Punjab Nowshera Gharbi.

The flood victims from the rain in Punjab are also being shifted to safer places and camps are being built to provide more facilities to them.

The Rajanpur deputy commissioner said that a survey for assessment of damage to cattle and crops by the Rain in Punjab would be reviewed and work on it will be started within the next two days.


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