Rainfall wrecking havoc in Lahore, causing deaths and power shut-down


Rain in Lahore wreaks havoc, three lives have been lost.

Heavy showers and stormy winds causing three casualties as rainfall continues amounts to total of 170 millimeters in the city across.

According to Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) officials, work is underway to bring electricity feeders back online.

Heavy winds and rain resulted in three people being electrocuted, two in Rewaz Garden while a third was electrocuted at Qurtaba Chowk, in the old city area.

The deceased included were Shazaib and Amanat Rewaz Garden employees while motorcycle rider was electrocuted at Qurtaba Chowk after colliding with electrical wires.

Resulting in affecting traffic flow greatly. Furthermore, air traffic authorities issued warnings about weather conditions, stating that routine flight operations may be affected.

Lahore’s suburbanite takes on social media to voice, criticise and questions, the corridors of power and urban planners.



Depicting the damaged that has caused to the infrastructure already

Rainwater accumulates large areas of the main courses in the city including suburbs, and old walled Lahore.

Over 250 millimeters of rain has been reported in the city since yesterday.
According to Met Office, more spell of rain is expected in next couple of days.

Over 150 power feeders lapsed. Resulting in wide-spread power outages.
As rain continues in past 24 hours.



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