Ramadan Moon: Ruet e Hilal Committee Meeting Will Be Held Today


Karachi: Central Ruet e Hilal Committee will hold a session today for the Ramadan moon sighting.

Ramadan is the holy month of Islam and Muslims eagerly wait for the Ramadan moon sighting. The Central Ruet e Hilal Committee will arrange a meeting for the sighting of Ramadan 1439 Hijri Moon. However, the moon is expected to be seen today in Pakistan.

In Karachi, sunset will occur at 7:10 PM and the moon will be observed till 8:11 PM. According to Secretary Ruet-e-Hilal committee research council, the moon can be visible across the country. In addition, Pakistan Meteorological Department revealed that the new moon born on 15 MAY at 4:49 PM. They further added that there are the high chances of moon’s visibility on 16 May. However, the moon would be around 26 hours old at that time. The partly cloudy weather is expected in most of the areas.

The Ruet e Hilal Committee requested citizens to see the moon through binoculars or the naked eye. They further added that people should further record their testimony in the case of moon’s visibility.

Ramadan will also start from 17 May in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Oman, Indonesia, and several other countries.


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