Rawalpindi Bomb Disposal Squad Inducts its First Female Officer


RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) inducted first female officer into its group.

Atia Batool is the first female officer ever to be inducted into the division. She is going to be part of a 6 member group after training. The training is going to be conducted by American experts. In the training she will learn to defuse improvised explosive devices (IED) and suicide jackets. She will also be trained to be able to identify the quantity and kind of explosive material used in a blast.

Rawalpindi BDS was formed in 2009 as acts of terrorism were on the rise. American anti-terrorism experts had trained four officials of the Rawalpindi police as master-trainers. Foreign donors had provided equipment like bomb disposal suit, X-ray machine, fiberscope and water disruptor.

Ms Batool told media that she got inspired by Rafia Qaseem Baig Pakistan’s first bomb disposal female officer. She said that after watching her videos of looking for signs of explosives I decided to join the BDS.




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