Reham Khan Displeased Over Issuance of Warning on Book Controversy


KARACHI: Former Wife of PTI Chief Imran Khan, Reham Khan has expressed displeasure over issuance of warning over her book.

Former Wife of the PTI Chief, Reham Khan said that no one has the right to give her a warning. The reaction comes after Fawad Chaudry, spokesperson for PTI had threatened to take action against Reham. He had demanded that she take back the content of the book within 24 hours or else action will be taken against her.

While talking to a news source, Reham said that she could only take back the contents of a book if she had published them.

Reham said that PTI should take back the contents of their own book, adding that the manuscript floating on internet is not hers. She said that she has not even released the book and she cannot deny contents she has not released.

Calling the book, Pakistani Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi’s book, she said that PTI should demand him to take back contents of book.

Reham Khan said that this fiasco is just free publicity for her upcoming book. She added that there is no eastern or western power backing her up in publishing this book. She also said that its not her who is disrespecting anyone but the people themselves are broadcasting this on their own.

Reham talked about having all evidence saying she has all the proof she needs in her emails.

Talking about meeting former Minister of Interior Ahsan Iqbal she denied having met him ever. She said could I meet Maryam Nawaz when no meeting took place between me and Ahsan Iqbal?

Reham Khan sent a defamation notice to Hamza Ali Abbasi for alleging Reham took 0.1 million pounds from Shehbaz Sharif for slandering PTI Chief Imran Khan. To read the article, click here.


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