Reham Khan Serves Actor and PTI Activist Hamza Ali Abbasi Legal Notice


KARACHI: TV journalist Reham Khan serves legal notice to PTI Activist and Pakistani Actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi for defamation.

There has been a big drama on social media lately over the “leaked” manuscript of Reham Khan’s upcoming book. The TV journalist was wife of Imran Khan, the chairperson of PTI, but they split up after some internal issues.

Hamza Ali Abbasi alleged that Reham had taken a sum of 0.1 million pounds from Shehbaz Sharif to sling mud on Imran Khan. Reham said that the actor had later denied having any proof of the accusation. The TV journalist Reham has served a defamation notice to Hamza Ali Abbasi for accusing without proof.

During an interview she said that she is free to write as she wants in her upcoming book. She claimed that the book that Hamza Ali Abbasi is talking about is his book not hers.

Other high profile people including the former captain of Pakistani Cricket team has served legal notices to Reham for defamation. However; Reham has denied commenting on the mention of the former cricketer. She said that why should she reveal the contents of the book ahead of the launch. She said if you want to know about the contents of the book please read it after its published.

The journalist criticized the PTI Chief’s legal counsel saying Imran Khan should fire them immediately. She said that Hamza Ali Abbasi is a kid and is being used by others. She also added that PTI should also fire their social media team as they cannot even copy paste properly.


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