Rescue Operations Underway After Bridge Collapse in Neelum Valley


NEELUM VALLEY: Rescue efforts carry on into its second day after a bridge had collapsed in Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s Neelum Valley yesterday.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir is said to be one of the most beautiful tourist spots of the world. People are seen flocking over there from all over the world in summers. Foreign tourists are specially attracted to valleys of Kashmir and the northern areas of Pakistan.

However; yesterday a bridge in Neelum Valley of Azad Jammu and Kashmir collapsed, on which 23 students fell into water. A search and rescue operation is underway into its second day today to find missing bodies. A total of six bodies have been recovered so far in the operation. Search for six more students is still underway.

23 students had fallen into the water when the bridge collapsed under pressure. 11 of the students were recovered injured immediately on the spot.

Police officials said on Sunday that approximately two dozen tourists, of which mostly were students from Faisalabad, stopped to take pictures on the bridge. The bridge which was located over the Jagran Nullah in Kundal Shahi area, collapsed as it could not withstand the pressure.

Personnel of the Pakistan Army are also assisting in the operation at Neelum Valley.

Sources have stated that the said bridge could only withstand a maximum of four persons at a time. It also had warning signs for the purpose of indicating this as well but the tourists still crowded the bridge. After which it collapsed into the river, claiming 6 lives, while bodies of 6 more are being searched for.


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