Retired Police Officer from Narowal Became Victim of Phone Banking Fraud


Retired Police Officer from Narowal is the Latest Victim of Phone Banking Fraud

A retired traffic police officer from Narowal in Pubjab was subject to phone bankin fraud. Aslam Mukhar is now the latest victim to fall for a gang of telephone banking fraudsters and has been seeking help from the authorities.

The retired traffic cop has lost nearly Rs 0.3 million from his entire life’s savings, after he shared his bank details in a phone call. The person who called him pretended to be from the former cop’s bank helpline. Soon after he shared his details, the money disappeared from his account.

“I had saved the money for my daughters’ weddings. I have reported the fraud to the Federal Investigation Agency,” Mukhtar said. The alleged bank has also been reportedly informed about this incident.

From the past month, a series of similar incidents have been surfacing and various citizens are falling pray to the hackers.

Last month, Dr Yousuf Khilji who is a retired scientist, lost his life’s savings of Rs 2.7 million from his bank account in an alleged fraud transaction. Luckily, his money was returned after the Federal Investigation Agency sent a notice to the concerned bank.

Authorities are now advising citizens to not share any sensitive information, including bank account and card details, as well as the full name and CNIC number with anyone over the phone.


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