RTS Failure: FIA probe to identify caller who ordered shutdown


Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started the investigation about the caller who ordered to close the Result Transmission System (RTS).

In RTS failure, FIA began probe about the caller who ordered to close the system during Pakistan Election 2018. However, FIA started the investigation as Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) requested them to do so.

However, ECP wrote letter to Director General FIA to probe and identify the caller who is responsible for RTS failure. In addition, ECP also sent the audio clip to the FIA and also called for the forensic test.

A man can be heard in the audio telling presiding officers about the key issue with RTS. However, he also said that its use is not mandatory.

In General Election 2018, RTS had stopped working suddenly and the ECP had admitted that the system had failed. Meanwhile, opposition parties had alleged rigging and called for a probe into the matter.


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