Sahiwal Killings: Deceased Families will appear before Senate Committee Today


The families related to Sahiwal killings will appear in front of the Senate Standing committee today in Islamabad.

Four people were killed (Sahiwal killings) in an encounter on 19 January in which three were the part of Khalil family and one was the driver.

The Counter Terrorism Department CTD acclaimed that they have killed members of Daesh organisation including the commander of the military of the organisation.

The families of Sahiwal killings were not satisfied by the joint investigating team and requested to refer the case to the military court. The mother of Zeeshan, the victim of Sahiwal killings, said that “I am going to Islamabad with the hope of getting justice.” Brother of Khalil family changed his lawyer due to the alleged threats against the family.

The lawyer of Khalil family has acclaimed that the members of CTD are saving their colleagues. He has also claimed in the court that members of Khalil’s family are getting death threats against their family.

Bukhari, the lawyer of Sahiwal killings, has also said that “CCPO Lahore has been informed of the threats and family members have also told the JIT about life threats.”


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