SC orders to end Railway land encroachments in 15 days


The Supreme Court ordered the removal of railway land encroachments in 15 days and to restore the Karachi Circular Railway within a month.

During a hearing at Supreme Court’s Karachi registry, the railway’s secretary told the court than 10 acres of land has been taken back from squatters.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed then directed the secretary railways to remove Railway land encroachments within a period of two weeks. “In a month’s time the Karachi Circular Railways should be restored,” the judge remarked.

The judge further asked the railways secretary to “take a trip of the city and clear the railway land of encroachments.”

“Those who have established illegal settlements have all kinds of weapons. We have the army and Sindh Rangers, use them,” Justice Gulzar said.

The court then ordered those affected by the anti-Railway land encroachments operation be provided with an alternative with the help of Sindh government, federal and Karachi mayor.

Ghani issued contempt of court notice

The Supreme Court issued a contempt of court notice to Sindh Provincial Minister for Local Government Saeed Ghani for his comments over the anti-encroachment drive in Karachi.

During a hearing regarding illegal encroachments in the city in which the attorney general, secretary defence and other officials were present, the court rejected the report presented and said it was ambiguous.

Justice Gulzar remarked. “This report is unsatisfactory and is equivalent to defrauding.”


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