SC Quetta Registry announces first verdict through video link


Supreme Court or SC Quetta Registry first time announced the decision via video link.

SC Quetta registry had a first case hearing through a video link on Monday (today). The apex case judicial bench headed by Chief justice of Pakistan Asif Khosa heard the case.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan began the cases hearing through the video links for the first time in the history of Pakistan on May 27.

The hearing was about a suspect named Mushtaq Hussain’s two year sentence was declared void.

According to CJP Khosa cases hearing trough e-courts will save the time and money of the public. Initially e-court system is being working only in Karachi and Islamabad.

During the hearing CJP khosa said he wished to hear the case from Quetta but due to technical issues the work on the case was started from Karachi registry, where lawyers gave their arguments.

After some time a bench will start hearing cases especially from the video links. They are thankful to NADRA for the corporation.

CJP further said they will utilize e-court system in future.


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