Shab e Barat 2019 will be observed tonight in Pakistan


Muslims in Pakistan and other countries will observe the Shab e Barat 2019 tonight.

Shab e Barat 2019, 15 Shaban, 1440 AH, will be observed in the country with the religious zeal and spirit. People will offer special prayers in mosques and homes for seeking blessings of Allah.

The religious scholars will highlight the significance of Shab e Barat comprehensively in the Islamic gatherings and Mahafil.  People also visit graveyards on this night to offer fatiha for their loved ones.

The houses, streets and specially mosques are decorated with colorful pennants and buntings whereas at night these are well illuminated by means of electric lights, candles or even oil lamps. People also do fasting and show great interest in Sehr and iftar.

In Islam, Shab e Barat has a great importance as it comes just before few days before Ramadan. Muslims around the world observe Shab e Barat every year on 27th of holy month of Rajab-ul-Murajjab. They indulge in prayers and recite Naat Sharif to pay homage to Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).


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