Shaheen Air passengers stranded in China are just 46, Foreign Office


Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal said that just 46 Shaheen Air passengers stranded in China out of 260.

FO claimed that there are just few Shaheen Air passengers stranded in China as they are just 46 out of 260. Earlier, reports came that 260 Pakistani passengers stranded in Guangzhou, China.

FO Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal expressed that of those left in China, visas of just 15 have lapsed for which the Pakistani office is making courses of action. He included that the rest of the travelers figured out how to achieve Pakistan by taking different flights. In addition, Shaheen Air International has been conceded special permission to bring back the stranded Pakistanis.

However, a representative for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that Shaheen Air is under debt of over Rs1.5 billion and is just permitted to work Hajj flights and along these lines must be given unique consent.

The stranded Pakistani passengers, the larger part of whom hail from Chaman region of Balochistan, spoke to the Pakistani government to provide them support.


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