Sharjeel Memon Case: Agha Khan Hospital refuses to verify blood sample


Agha Khan Hospital refuses to verify that blood samples taken from Sharjeel Memon’s body.

According to sources, Agha Khan Hospital refused to confirm that whether or not blood are of Sharjeel Memon. The discussion covering Sharjeel Memon case about alcohol usage has on Tuesday extended further as Agha Khan University Hospital declined to check that blood tests got for alcohol test were separated from Sharjeel Memon’s body.

However, as per details, the healing facility organization expressed blood tests were sent to them by Ziauddin Hospital.

Hospital sources said that they don’t know whether blood tests have been removed from veins of Sharjeel Memon or any other person. No one here at Agha Khan Hospital had extricated blood from vein of for liquor test.

Hospital’s organization proceeded to state that they had gotten blood tests for liquor test at 12:03 PM on Saturday.

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