Sindh High Court Orders SSGC to Supply Required Gas to K-Electric


Karachi: After a dispute between K-electric and Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) over dues, Sindh High Court has ordered SSGC to supply K-electric with 276 mmcfd gas. This order was issued on Tuesday in the court hearing of the dispute between the two companies.

Details of the SSGC and K-Electric Dispute

The recent load shedding in Karachi has been blamed on SSGC for not supplying the amount of gas required to K-electric to run the Gas-power plants. K-electric had said during a previous meeting with CM Murad Ali Shah that only 90 mmcfd is being supplied instead of the required 190 mmcfd gas. Due to which the shortfall is occurring and load shedding is being implemented on areas which have not seen a power problem since a long time. The areas where load shedding occurred for 6 to 7 hours a day are seeing extended 5 to 6 hours of load shedding reaching upto 10 to 12 hours a day.

The power company has blamed shortage of gas supply by SSGC while SSGC stated that there are dues of 80 Billion rupees on K-electric to be paid for the usage of gas. While K-electric has denied this claim saying that the dues are only 13 billion rupees. Even after intervention of CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah, who ordered the two companies to settle the dispute within a few days, there has been no resolve to the issue. However it seems that their matter was also ongoing in court, but now the court reached a verdict on Tuesday. It has ordered the SSGC to increase the supply by 276 mmcfd to fulfill the power needs of the city in compared to the 90 mmcfd gas supply.

Hopefully the citizens of Karachi will get some relief from all the load shedding happening throughout the city.


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