Sheikh Rasheed inaugurated Lahore Faisalabad non stop train


Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad inaugurated the Lahore Faisalabad non stop train at Lahore Railway Station.

Lahore Faisalabad non stop train is inaugurated and it will run on the route of Lahore to Faisalabad. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad revealed that 10 new trains will be started within 100 days. He further added that Pakistan Railways will take measures to maximize number of passengers from 50 million to 70 million.

The new Lahore Faisalabad non stop train 119/Up-120/Down Faisalabad consisted of five economy coaches, a AC parlour, a business class and a AC standard. However, it will leave Lahore at 8:00am and reach Faisalabad in just two hours at 10:00am. In the afternoon, the train will leave Faisalabad at 2:30pm and at 4:30pm it will reach Lahore.

The economy class fare wil Rs 190, AC-standard Rs 400, parlour class Rs 500 and AC-business fare will Rs 600.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said that they will also increase the number of freight wagons from twelve to fifteen. However, the aim is to make the department profitable and to facilitate the people.


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